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Welcome to Knowledge Without Borders™

After many years of researching local, national and international issues, I realized that all too often an academic approach reaches only the most narrow of audiences.

We need to understand complex ideas, but the gateway to understanding often comes through stories that allow us to empathize and connect with the people and situations we purport to study.

Narrative is a powerful catalyst for new ideas, insights, and inspirations. We can transcend the borders we often erect around our academic or professional “specialties” and find creative confidence to combine old ideas in new ways.

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Since 2007, we have explored ideas and experiences of people and organizations, making new connections to leverage resources, to develop new systems, and to find innovative solutions. 

Karen Collias

My name is Karen Collias and I founded Knowledge Without Borders™  to infuse creativity and innovation into the most salient educational issues affecting contemporary society. I attribute my enthusiasm to cross the borders of traditional knowledge domains to the multi-disciplinary nature of my education and professional experience. The first in my family to go to college, I have a Ph.D. from Columbia University in political science with a specialization in comparative educational systems. My professional experience includes high school and university teaching, as well as research and management in both the public and private sectors.